About Me

Kevin WhitsonHi! I’m Kevin Whitson and I am a software developer in the Tulsa, Oklahoma region. As a developer and IT professional, I created this site to share my projects, knowledge, ideas, and experience with professionals and to broaden my network. If you like the content I have built here, or want to contribute, feel free to leave a comment or shoot an email to kevin@idledeveloper.com.

Although my principle background is in .Net development (C#/VB), scripting (VBScript, PowerShell, JavaScript), and Sql Server, this site contains tips, ideas, and projects from all areas of IT. Professionally, I strive to learn the most valuable concepts in many disciplines, and I use that knowledge and experience to approach problems from a holistic perspective. My goal is to share important lessons I’ve learned from projects and build a creative, constructive, learning environment to expand those ideas.

If you want to find out more about me professionally, I’ll direct you to my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks for checking out my corner of the web!